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The Drawing Room

The drawing room is a place where "wit flows long" and any subject
is open to discussion. Here you might find anything...

Personal Homepages

  • Wanderlust--My sister's homepage! She's a graduate of Bradley University and has a B.S. in physical therapy.

  • The Fam's Page--My parents' personal homepage--lots of good recipes and helpful info on child-raising.


  • An introduction to the church of Christ--My sister wrote this brief explanation of the church of Christ and why we, as Christians, practice what we do.

  • Round Lake church of Christ --The local congregation with which I worship.

  • The Interactive Bible--A comprehensive site containing many useful articles, information on local churches near you, and an opportunity for you to "Ask a Bible Question? Get a Bible Answer!"

  • The Gospel Way--Enroll in free Bible lessons on-line.

  • Bible Gateway--Search the Bible in 19 languages and 13 versions.

  • The Bible Research Library--Enlightening messages on various spiritual issues, ranging from "science and religion" to "morality."

    Politics and Government

  • GovSpot--Federal, state, and local government resources, providing all the info you need to know about American politics, past and present.

  • White House History--A fascinating page on the White House's official site; includes White House history, info on the Presidents and First Ladies, and a virtual tour of the First Family's home, complete with color photos.

  • Thomas Jefferson on Politics and Government--Excerpts from the writings of Jefferson--in my opinion, the greatest of all American Presidents.

  • VOTE.COM--At this great site, you can make your voice be heard! Participate in polls on the hot issues of the day, and then have your vote sent to the decision-makers in Washington. A fantastic way to get involved.

    Classic Movies

  • Elizabeth's Classic Movie Homepage--A fun and informative page containing sections on the films, stars, and directors of Hollywood's Golden Era. (Check out the Audio/Video Gallery for classic movie lines and soundtracks!)

  • Gone With the Wind--The "unofficial" homepage of "the most popular motion picture of all time."


  • Monticello--the home of Thomas Jefferson --I visited Jefferson's Virginia home in 1997 and thought it was the most beautiful and most cleverly designed house I'd ever seen. Take a virtual tour at the official site, and plan your own visit.

  • Alcott House--The visitor site of Orchard House, the charming home of Louisa May Alcott, author of Little Women. I toured the house (in Concord, MA) in 1999 and was delighted!

  • Newport Mansions--Visit the lavishly ornate "summer cottages" in Newport, RI, including the Breakers and Rosecliff.

  • Virtual London--Go on a virtual tour of one of the world's coolest cities! (There's even a webcam with a live shot of "somewhere in England"!) :-)