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"In the gallery there were many family portraits, but they could have little to fix the attention of a stranger. Elizabeth walked on in quest of the only face whose features would be known to her. At last it arrested her--and she beheld a striking resemblance of Mr. Darcy, with such a smile over the face as she remembered to have sometimes seen, when he looked at her. She stood several minutes before the picture in earnest contemplation, and returned to it again before they quitted the gallery." --from Pride and Prejudice.

Here you can peruse some of my favorite images, taken from our family's extensive collection of photos. I hope you enjoy your walk down these photographic halls!

  • Personal Collection--This room contains images of me and various family members, starting at my birth in 1982 and continuing to the present.

  • Travel and Natural Landscapes--This section is devoted to photos taken during our family vacations, including some of my favorite images of natural beauty.

  • California or Bust!--I've devoted this page to photos taken during our family's most recent vacation in December of 2000 and January of 2001, when we spent two weeks traveling the California coastline with my aunt, who lives near L.A.

  • The Glorious United Kingdom--This two-part gallery contains only a fraction of the ~500 photos we took during our May 2002 vacation to England and Scotland. The trip of a lifetime, and a dream come true for me!

  • Brushes With Fame--This room is filled with photos taken during my rare but thrilling encounters with "celebrities," mostly from the world of music.