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"I dearly love a laugh..."

As the lively and witty Elizabeth Bennet characteristically said in the eleventh chapter of Pride and Prejudice, "I dearly love a laugh"--and so do I! You'll find below some of the tidbits that have especially caught my fancy and tickled my funny bone over the years. I admit that some are shamelessly stolen from my family's and my sister's homepages, but, for your reading enjoyment, they have kindly agreed to share them with me. So sit back and have a chuckle as you browse through these funnies--for after all, who doesn't love a good laugh?

Austen Humor (for obsessive fans only!)

  • The Jane Austen Punishments List--Believe me, this will make no sense if you're not a compulsive Jane-ite, so don't even try! If you are "one of us," though, this should give you a good chuckle.

  • You might be an Austen-loving redneck if...--I've always been a fan of the Jeff Foxworthy brand of "redneck humor," so when I saw it combined with Jane Austen, of course I couldn't resist! (My particular favorite is the Astroturf.)

    Miscellaneous Jocularity

  • British Military--Looking for some slightly more technical ways to insult somebody? Here's your answer! The first time I saw this list, I laughed so hard it hurt!

  • Why did the chicken cross the road?--Some hilarious takes on an age-old joke, these are guaranteed to crack you up!

  • 50 Fun Things To Do At Walmart--Needs no introduction.

  • Writing Tips--As my family and friends all know, I am a grammar freak and am always frustrated when I hear the English language being slaughtered. This list turns some of the oldest grammar rules on their heads and should give you a good laugh-- unless, of course, you're one of the offenders yourself! :-)

  • The Night the Bed Fell--This short story, taken from James Thurber's autobiographical My Life and Hard Times (1933), has remained the funniest piece of writing I have ever encountered since I first read it when I was eight years old. I break into giggles just thinking about it!

  • Van Gogh's Relatives--Some clever plays on words.

  • USS Lincoln--A true story provided by our gallant military.

  • The Ultimate Viola Joke--As any string player knows, the poor black sheep of the string family is the viola, the constant brunt of other musicians' jibes. Even though I am a violinist, I do play the viola, so I am able to laugh at this joke without any malicious intent. :-)

  • Bush Deploys Vowels To Bosnia--Ever been frustrated by fruitless attempts to pronounce those weird Middle Eastern names? Relief is here--read about the glad tidings in this exciting news flash.

  • Top 10 Puns--The ten wittiest puns ever to be circulated on the internet. (Number 6 is the winner, in my opinion!)

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